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Giving back to the community we are part of is important to us. We provide workshops and seminars for community organizations/groups in the greater Boston area interested in learning more about mental health or mental illness stigma, or information about the therapy process

Mental Health

Recognizing the symptoms of mental health problems is important and is often the first step towards receiving treatment. We conduct educational seminars/workshops to provide information about the symptoms and available treatments for various mental health concerns, including depression and anxiety. We also can provide seminars on the effects of stress, impacts of racism and race-related stress on mental health, and the importance of self-care.

Mental Illness Stigma

Too many people in our community suffer in silence because of the stigma surrounding mental illness. This stigma often prevents people from seeking the mental health care they need. We facilitate workshops and discussions related to understanding and reducing mental illness stigma, particularly among Black Americans.

Therapy/Counseling  101

Have you considered therapy but aren't sure what happens in therapy, what to expect, what to look for in a "good" therapist, what the differences are between psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, mental health counselors, how to find a therapist, or how therapy can benefit your life?

We do not provide therapy through the Black Mental Health Advocacy and Research Lab, but we are a team of trained clinical psychologists and clinical psychologists-in-training who can provide information and resources that are helpful for you to be an informed therapy consumer.

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